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Halong Weather

Located in Quang Ninh province, a Northeast part of Vietnam, Halong Bay is shaped by northern typical climate with two distinct seasons- hot and moist summer versus dry and cold winter. Hot days normally start from May to September while cold winds often start from November to March. The rest of the years are transitional months which see the combination of both patterns. The average temperature of the bay hovers around 15-25 Celsius degree with the hottest time of June- August. However, the cool breeze of this sea area significantly reduces the heat during these tough summer months. It is quite cold in the winter, especially for those who are not from temperate zone such as North America or Europe.

Tips: Sunscreen and hat should be included in your luggage in the summer; light coat or jacket should be brought during winter time.

Best time to visit
Following the consideration of weather, the ideal time for a trip to Halong Bay is during periods of October- November, and March-April, when the weather is cool with a clear sky, offering guests perfect view. January- February may see the cloudy and sometimes foggy as winter time.

Tips: You should bring swimming suit with you; night’s swim in the phosphorescent water is also suggested.

The period of May-September should be in consideration for budget travelers as these months are referred as low season, offering massive sale-off from cruise ships. However, your trip may be affected by sporadic hurricanes and tropical storms, which cause shorten trip, delay or even cancellation as guests’ safety is the first priority. Other destinations surrounding Hanoi should be at your alternative options; however, these storms normally last no longer than 3-4 days. The rest of period is still good for a trip in the summer when you can lay down pristine white-sand beaches for relaxing swimming or sunbathing.

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