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Foods & Drinks

Vietnam is internationally well-known not only for its breath-taking landscapes with rich cultures but delicious healthy cuisine. Traveling to Halong Bay, you are given a ticket for the entrance of gastronomic journey, in which explore the local culture, local life, and local personality.

You are served with the flawless and delicate Vietnamese traditional cuisine, well-prepared by fresh ingredients and secret recipes kept by the experienced chefs who blow their soul and heart in each dish. As being on a cruise in the sea area, the main course for you is typical fresh seafood. Additionally, Vietnamese food follows the balance of Yin and Yang, with the harmony of various flavors creating the perfect taste.

From the very first bite to the last one, you are lost in the food journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. You are believed to get a feeling of looking forward to each dining experience, in which you can try mouth-watering local recipes in the same way you do to your next destination in the Bay. At the breakfast, lunch or dinner, Western dishes are also served to make sure you still can get some familiar tastes along with trying the new one of the local.

From the welcome drink to every beverage on board, you will be pleasured with the memorable taste enhancing your great experience of cruising around magnificent Halong Bay. A variety of drinks including alcoholic and non-alcoholic are served on the cruise. Slipping a cup of traditional Vietnamese coffee or tea while capturing the sunrise will be one of the best moments you ever had in your life.
Guests are strongly recommended not to bring drinks on the cruise. Any request for special alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages should be informed us in advance for further assistance.

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