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Titov Island and Beach

Have you ever been felt that “Titov” is quite familiar with you? It is named after Ghermann Titov, a heroic astronaut of former Soviet Union, to commemorate his visit to this beautiful tiny island in 1962, accompanied by President Ho Chi Minh. Thirty-five years later, Titov paid another visit back the island which has his name and penned these words: “My deepest thanks to destiny, which has allowed me to come back to this tiny island”. Gradually, Titov Island becomes one of the most attractive sites for tourists when they visit Halong Bay and included in almost all cruise itineraries.

It takes you about approximately 400-step climbing to the summit of the island. Such a fantastic and breath-taking panoramic view of Halong Bay is it that you can stand photographing.

It is believed that a combination of hiking and swimming is perfect for your journey. Right here, at Titov Island, you will have an opportunity to experience it. The beach encompasses the island with pristine white sand, calm waves along with clear sky in blue with dashes of white. Besides swimming, recreational activities such as volleyball and soccer are ideal for those who love sports. If your “battery” is a little down, it is great time for you to take a glass coconut juice or slip a cocktail with several flavors, watching other playing until your energy is fulfilled.

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