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Thien Canh Son Cave

Stepping up the stone pathway surrounded by forest canopy to Thien Canh Son Cave, located in untouched Bai Tu Long Bay, leaves you the feeling of moving up the ladder leading to the heaven.

The entrance is small and unassuming; it is suggested for you to duck slightly in order not to hit your head on the “hanging” stones. It is a pristine cave featuring natural sparkling stalagmite and stalactites in various shapes stimulating your imagination, some of which resemble a lotus and a baby elephant. The natural sunlight combined with a smattering of artificial ones enhances the mysterious world of the cave. After your exploration of the inner caverns, follow the upward stairs leading to a higher place, from which you can capture a breath-taking panoramic view over the secluded Bai Tu Long Bay.

Due to its splendid beauty, Thien Canh Son cave was once chosen as a perfect site for a dining experience with fancy candles lit inside and became a favorite of all guests. However, because of some unfortunate incidents resulting in the damage of the cave structures as well as the preservation policy, this activity has been banned.

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